Room to Fail

By Robert Alan Simpkins My first job as a community college instructor came about in an unplanned manner due to a combination of three factors: 1) an unexpected need arose at a nearby college; 2) I met the CCCCO minimum qualifications for the position; 3) a faculty member at the college knew me from graduate… Continue Reading →

Having Each Other’s Back

By Ana Ceballos I recall at a very early age having to take care of my father and support my mother.  I began to work at the young age of 11 helping my parents pick the bountiful fruits of the Central Valley.  And at the age of 15 I started to clean tables as a… Continue Reading →


By Ed Kollmeyer Introduction: In this blog post, Cerro Coso ASL Instructor Ed Kollmeyer shares some observations of his students’ habits that alarmed him, and led him to advise his students to change their habits, and his own.  Did I catch your attention?  I am not talking about Driving School – I am talking about… Continue Reading →


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